10 Targets Eli G. & Pink want to see at AU (Intel from Eli G.)

Coach Pink and Eli Gravett got together and decided on 10 players they’d love for Auburn to land. Eli G. provides some commentary here as well as some intel on our top 10 picks.

1. Khurtiss Perry- We think this could be a major steal in the 2022 class for AU, especially being an instate kid. Perry is a unanimous #1 for us.

2. Riley Quick- Quick is so talented in so many ways, he can be a fantastic offensive lineman if he adds weight, or he could stay the same weight and be a fantastic defensive end, he’s got major range of positions and can be a hell of a player on either side

3. Trequon Fegans- Another talented kid that is instate. We think AU will have to fight off a plethora of teams, but also think they have as good of a shot as anybody. A talented DB from Oxford, Alabama.

4. TJ Dudley- Another instate kid that AU will have to fight off the likes of Alabama, Clemson, etc. he’s a talented prospect with a major ceiling and can be an impact, day 1 player. Reminds us a lot of Owen Pappoe.

5. Darius Clemons- Super super super talented receiver from Oregon. He’s far away but we think we have a great shot with the stud receiver. He’s a phenomenal player, and has the highest ceiling of anybody in the 22 class.

6. Omari Kelly- Once again ANOTHER instate kid, the state of Alabama is loaded with talent in the 2022 class and AU needs to have an absolute eat fest with it. Kelly is a talented WR or DB that would fit in exceptionally well in the new scheme. Has that IT factor written all over him.

7. Dj Allen- very talented WR from the state of Texas. Doesn’t seem like he’s close to making a decision so if AU gets the foot in the door they could make a major impact right off the bat.

8. Jay Fair- another talented WR from Texas. TCU is written on him right now, but there’s still a long way to go.

9. Dayne Shor- For the last couple of months we saw this one fading but lately things have come to light. Finally AU is showing interest, and if they continue to do so our confidence will keep rising day by day. Talented OL from ATL area.

10. Quinshon Judkins- A naturally gifted RB talent from Pike Road , I think we are in amazing shape with this kid, he’s a gifted back and a 3 down back in the SEC.

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