2022 AU Commit QB Holden Geriner Breakdown


Totally out of the blue, Auburn now has a QB for the 2022 class—and still probably wants to add another.

Geriner was offered less than 2 weeks ago and has decided to jump in the boat. For now, he holds a 3 star rating by most ranking services.

First of all, Geriner is tall with a solid, athletic build at 6’3 215. He’s a guy who mostly stands in the pocket and doesn’t leave it too often; That type of QB hasn’t been a focal point for Auburn in a while but the traditional pocket passer is more highly coveted by Harsin and Bobo.

Probably the most impressive things I see in HG are his touch on deep balls, throws in holes of zone coverage, and the throws that don’t warrant a bullet type pass. Yes, he has a strong arm and can beam it when needed, but he has a great understanding of how to put different trajectories on the ball—and more importantly, can execute it.

I think his feet in the pocket are pretty advanced: he‘s very active and always moving. He can make subtle moves and still be locked in on his targets; That facet of his game reminds me of Mac Jones this past year.

The downfall of a guy like Geriner is the limited mobility. In today’s game it is always important to have a QB who can extend plays and escape from a collapsed pocket. I’m not sure Geriner would be effective if the pocket does not hold. He’s not a guy who will make a lot of plays with his feet. That said, he is nifty on his feet in the pocket and that could translate to extending plays. In the new offense, his arm talent and ability to stand in amidst pressure will be his calling card.

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