DB - Juwon Gaston Breakdown

Gaston has been an under the radar prospect all year, but after showing out in the Alabama Mississippi All Star Game, he became a guy that coaches were talking about.

Coach Etheridge and Mason were extremely high on him and were hoping their head coach would feel the same. Gaston is now an Auburn Tiger and that proves Harsin was also impressed.

I can understand why; JG is an extremely fluid athlete. Yes, he is rather raw as far as playing in the secondary, but you take a chance on a guy with this kind of athleticism.

What catches my eye with Gaston is the effortless talent. Much like McKinstry in this class, JG is a guy who looks as if he isn’t giving full effort—yet he’s running away from guys who aren’t necessarily slow.

He’s a MAJOR threat to return punts and kicks. He looks so comfortable when he’s in those situations. When having to make a tight catch or when cornered by defenders he is unaffected by the pressure; It’s easy to see that he has the confidence to find a way out—and usually finds his way to the end zone.

It is no secret when seeing him play in the secondary that he will need some coaching. He’s not ready to handle some of the responsibilities of a college safety, but he’s not far off either. When he is able to absorb some coaching and technique refinement, he will be able to excel in Mason’s defense.

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