OLB/DE Dylan Brooks Breakdown


We all knew Dylan would eventually be an Auburn Tiger.. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of a journey to eventually end up where you belong.

I can assure you, Dylan Brooks is worth the wait.

Im not sure there is a better edge player in the class than DB—at least there isn’t one that matches his potential. There are times that he can go quiet in a game and doesn’t have a huge impact; There are also times when he can ruin an entire drive or an entire game plan.

What makes Brooks so special? It’s the combination of long arms, long legs, and a motor that at its peak, is monstrous.

To put it in perspective, Brooks played DE, OLB, ILB, played in coverage, and played receiver on offense. He‘s an all-around elite athlete when you put it all together.

When you line him up on the edge, he becomes a game changer. If there is ever a passing situation, Brooks is going to disrupt the QB’s timing almost every time. He uses those long arms to his advantage and never lets an opposing OL get into his body; It is impossible for an OL to have any control when he can’t get his hands on the defender.

Dylan Brooks has real speed. He is able to pick up speed and accelerate after a few steps. The get-off is impressive at times, but still inconsistent. When DB is able to consistently come screaming off of the ball like I’ve seen him do a few times, he’s got “SEC sack leader” written all over him.

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