RB - Jarquez Hunter Breakdown

Losing out on Cardwell was not ideal, however getting a signature from 3 star RB Jarquez Hunter was an excellent rebound.

Hunter holds a stocky build and possesses a lot of power in his lower body; He’s a guy that defenders will want to hit low as he is not easy to bring down.

There are times when his effort isn’t at the level I would prefer—but in his defense—he plays both sides of the ball and handles all punt and kick return duties.

Hunter is a threat to take it the distance every time he gets the ball. This is not because of blazing speed, but because he usually makes the first man miss—whether by putting on a move or simply running through the tackle.

I would call his speed deceptive. Probably better than his speed is the ability to accelerate. There are times when Hunter is able to change gears and burst as if he’s been shot out of a cannon. The top-end speed isn’t at the same level as the burst as of now.

I’d say Hunter’s feet when he makes contact are his calling card. JH is not easy to tackle because he’s strong, shifty, and has great balance, but arguably more importantly, his feet never stop moving. There are a few clips that show a defender almost riding on his back and his legs are steadily pumping: this is an aspect that is hard to teach on any level. I see guys in the pros who aren’t running their feet on contact.

JH is not a prospect who will go to a camp and wow everyone there: good not great speed, not a huge guy, etc. He’s a guy who will get your attention when the pads are on. Hunter is a gamer.

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