WR Tar’Varish Dawson Breakdown

Even though Dawson has just recently earned his 4th star, he’s a guy who didn’t get the publicity he deserved for much of the recruiting process.

Dawson is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic play makers in the entire 2021 recruiting class. He played on offense, defense, and returned kicks and punts for Lehigh Senior High School. TD was someone who had to be accounted for in every phase of the game.

At only 5’10 175, Dawson is not an imposing figure, but it is guaranteed that he is someone who will make secondaries nervous: having that speed threat is always important.

The more I watch of TD the more I pick up every time. He’s got all the moves necessary to make someone miss after the catch. I believe he’s going to get an early look as a kick returner at AU.

Dawson is a speedster like Schwartz, but unlike the former Auburn Tiger, he knows how to find yardage even when in a tight spot—he can make a move or run by someone.

I love the idea to have him be a part of the offense when he puts the pads on. I think his skill set is so versatile that he could play on either side, but he will need to have the ball in his hands one way or another.

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